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(De)constructing literacy: Education inequalities and the production of space in San Diego, California
A longitudinal study evaluating the effects of payments for ecosystem services on species richness
Agent-based modeling of Rhinopithecus brelichi population and movements in the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve
An analysis of San Diego's housing market using a geographically weighted regression approach
Analyzing and reducing shadow effects on the co-registration accuracy of multi-temporal aerial image pairs
Analyzing spatio-temporal patterns of Pokémon Go game users and the impacts of users' physical activities
Automating near real-time, post-hazard detection of crack damage to critical infrastructure
Border porosity and landscape characteristics : a GIS-based approach for segmenting the US -- Canada Border
Building a dynamic population distribution model with geotagged tweets (from Twitter) and dasymetric maps in urban area
Building dynamic ontological models for place names using social media data from Twitter and Sina Weibo
Comparison of chaparral regrowth patterns between Santa Ana wind-driven and non-Santa Ana fire areas
Controls over spatial and temporal variations in annual actual evapotranspiration in snow-free California watersheds
Delineation of new buildings in Accra, Ghana using multitemporal QuickBird satellite imagery
Developing a collaborative multimedia learning platform for GIScience education: A case study in designing an interactive textbook for iPad
Developing a data mining framework to identify a sense of gentrification through social media date: A case study using Instagram posts in Salt Lake City, Utah
Development and evaluation HealthWebMapper: A web-based user-friendly geovisualization tool for cancer disparities
Evaluating the potential for mixed-use urban land development using multi-criteria decision analysis: A case study in the city of San Diego
Evaluation landscape-level controls of wildfire spread rates using repetitive airborne thermal infrared (ATIR) imagery
Evaluation of thermal infrared imaging from unmanned aerial vehicles for arboreal wildlife surveillance
Examining a knowledge domain: Interactive visualization of the Geographic Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge 1