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  • X = Energy And Thermofluids
A comparison of the Monte Carlo method to the discrete ordinates method in FLUENT for calculating radiation heat transfer in a particle solar receiver
A computational study and statistical analysis of Santa Ana winds in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego
Carbon nanoparticle production through hydrocarbon pyrolysis experimentation and modeling
Comparison of measured and numerically modeled wind in the Rancho Bernardo Trails community
Design, construction, and initial testing of a lab-scale metal-alloy thermal energy storage system for concentrated solar power applications
Effect of oxygen concentration on flame spread over thin fuels in different regimes: A numerical investigation
Experimental measurements of pmma combustion in simulated microgravity along the normoxic curve
Flame analyzer 2: A fully two dimensional flame spread video analysis tool
Flame spread across materials commonly used on spacecraft at varied oxygen levels and opposed flow velocity in simulated microgravity
Flame spread over thick polymethylmethacrylate samples in a simulated and actual microgravity environment
Infrared measurements of forward heat conduction in PMMA during simulated microgravity flame spread in the narrow channel apparatus
Integration and testing of full spectrum optimized concentrating photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar system
Modeling a latent heat thermal energy storage system for solar powered supercritical carbon dioxide cycles
Modifications to and modeling of a lab-scale metal alloy thermal energy storage system
Natural convective cooling using a thermal chimney in the Southern California climate regions
Numerical simulation of convective cooling by a wall jet along a convex surface
Numerical study for optimized designs of savonius turbine blade
Two dimensional heat transfer in non-thermally thin poly(methyl methacrylate) during combustion in a narrow channel apparatus