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  • X = Dynamical Systems
A study of interior point methods on the compressed sensing problem
Analysis of globus pallidus local field potentials and electrocorticograms of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
Bifurcation analysis of coupled spin torque nano oscillators parallel array configuration
Characterizing coherent structures in Bose-Einstein condensates: A DMD approach
Collective response of networks of Colpitts oscillators coupled bidirectionally
Collective response of networks of Colpitts oscillators coupled unidirectionally
Computational aspects of the material point method with applications in computer graphics
Feedforward networks tuned near a hopf bifurcation
Formulation of the black-scholes equation and stochastic volatility in options pricing
Modeling lyme disease: Autonomous, nonautonomous, and spatial systems
Modeling the transition between lytic and lysogenic behavior in a bacteria-phage system
Moving object detection in sequences distorted by atmospheric turbulence
Phase error reduction in networks of nonlinear oscillators for precision timing applications
Reduced models for von-Kármán vortex streets in quantum superfluids
The empirical gabor transform and empirical gabor frames
The inspection of moving objects in an optical flow field impacted by a turbulent media and global camera motion