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  • X = Design And Manufacturing
A microfluidic platform incorporating inertial focusing and chaotic mixing for immunocapture and release of rare cancer cells
An acoustophoresis-based microfluidics platform for cell isolation
An exoskeleton robotic walker to assist the elderly
An investigation of acoustophoresis on a microfluidic platform for cell separation
Characterization of impedance properties of a conductive electrospun polymer biopotential electrode with porous fiber arrays
Characterization of surface morphology of thin-film platinum and glassy carbon microelectrodes
Cost effective way of 3D printing metal-ceramic composites with fused deposition
Effect of green compact density on 3NI-AL and 3NI-AL-CNT composite synthesis through electro-thermal explosion
Effects of melt temperature and melt thickness on a novel thick-film coating process
Fabrication of multi-layered, freestanding, SU-8 structures using a buried photoresist mask method
Investigation of perovskite solar cells with 3D micropillars
Leveraging resonance for amplitude amplification in polyurea-based polymer-polymer composites
Polyurea foam for protective armor
Processing of tailored functional and structural powder-based components by spark plasma sintering
Segmental evolution of ultraviolet exposed polyurea
Steerable hub-luss integrated propulsion system
Surf vehicle for paraplegic surfers