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A 3-dimensional general curvilinear coastal ocean model: Grid generation and application within San Diego Bay
A computational method for classifying phages
A computational model of mucus
A coupled vibratory gyroscope network with bi-directional, uni-directional, and direct coupling
A framework for discovering implicit knowledge from event logs
A framework for identifying antibiotic resistance in the human microbiome
A graph theory study of regional and network functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders
A machine learning study of intrinsic functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders
A novel higher order finite difference time domain method based on the Castillo-Grone mimetic curl operator with applications concerning the time-dependent Maxwell equations
A systematic investigation of exotic matter in neutron stars
Absorbing-type boundary conditions and compile-time acceleration technologies in simulating seismic wave propagation on heterogeneous geologic media
Accelerating data center applications through energy-efficient reconfigurable computing: From near-data processing to data-access reduction
An exploration into using ferromagnetic material and input current for maximizing uses of electron spin
An investigation of deformation of the stellar structure of neutron stars
Analysis, computation, and design of innovative high grain-feed reflector and beam steering antenna solutions
Applications of machine learning in cancer prediction: Renal cell carcinoma and glioblastoma multiforme
Assessment of functional activity in isolated cardiomyocytes using computational methods
Boosting Performance and Endurance of Flash-Based Storage Systems: From Embedded Systems to Enterprise Servers
COMP 521 Computational Science
COMP 521 Introduction to Computational Science