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"I can see Russia from my house": Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin as a template for media coverage in the 2008 presidential election
"When God gives you AIDS...make lemon-AIDS": Ironic persona and perspective by incongruity in Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic
"You stay, no matter how bad": Women voice the trajectory of marital disaffection
13 reasons why: An exploration of parent involvment through third-person effect
A case study analysis of mediated communication interest at end-of-life
A content analysis of Kickstarter: The influence of framing and reward motivations on campaign success
A level playing field?: Gender communication in co-ed recreational soccer
A media system dependency study of advertising consumption trends on social media
A smoking identity: Investigating smoker identity and psychological reactance as variables on the relationship between antismoking PSA and attitude change
A special relationship: Measuring the perceptions of journalists and public relations practitioners' working relationship
Above the influence: Examining the impact of unintentional normative messages in fear appeal based anti-marijuana public service announcements
Acute relational stress and willingness to help: The influence of stress on pro-social outcomes
Am I normal?: Negotiating social identity as sick or well in oncology interviews
An analysis of relational maintenance and conflict in geographically distanced sibling relationships
Breaking capitalistic notions of resilience: How individuals without homes constitute resilience through communication and community
Bridging trauma-informed organizing and accessible practice: A qualitative study of dialectical tensions
But I Thought She Liked Me: An Intervention Campaign for the Selective Information Processing of Nonverbal Refusal Cues by Undergraduate Males
COMM 103 Oral Communication
COMM 103 Oral Communication
COMM 103 Oral Communication