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3D-printing via binder jetting and consolidation of nano alumina bone scaffold prototypes
A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
A microfluidic chaotic mixer for cancer stem cell immunocapture and release
A smartphone-integrated, paper-microfluidic system for rapid and on-site screening of urinary tract infections
A stochastic algorithm for predicting long term cell migration in a 3D polymer matrix
A stochastic model for collective cell migration in realistic 3D extracellular matrix environments
An integrated Lung-on-a-Chip microfluidic platform with real-time biochemical sensing
An inverted pendulum device for validating dynamic center of pressure of the balance tracking system
Analysis and pattern identification in EEG signals using artificial neural networks
Aortic valve mechanobiology in the LVAD-assisted heart: Development of a testbed for valve cell studies
Aortic valve opening measurements in the LVAD assisted heart
Aortic valve tissue biomechanics during LVAD support: Implementation in bioreactor design and preliminary testing
Biologically-inspired fiber reinforced hydrogel composite: A mechanics-based study
Biomechanic Analysis Of Injury Mitigation Performance For Novel Helmet Design
Biomechanics of aortic valve leaflet fusion and stiffening
Bionanotronics: On The Microfabrication Of Electrodes For The Examination Into The Nature Of Current Transduction Through Deoxyribonucleic Acids
Computational model describing electrode kinetics of metal vs carbon microelectrodes
Corrosion of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation and chemical exposure
Current-activated reactive synthesis and electro-combustion forging of nickel-based intermetallic composites
DNA Molecular Wire-Based Nanoelectronics: New Insight and High Frequency AC Electrical Characterization