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San Diego State University: College of Engineering
Satellite-based evapotranspiration estimates after wildfire
Scalar filtered mass density function with higher-order (W)ENO schemes to model turbulent reactive flows
Scaling soil erosion and sediment transport processes in a physically based model
Scaling-up of new generation of 3D flexible organic solar cells
Scheduling, optimization, power management and reliability analysis of smart microgrid with integrated plugged-in electric vehicles and distributed energy resources
Security and accessibility of electronic health records using blockchain technology
Segmental evolution of ultraviolet exposed polyurea
Selective sensing for neural spike recordings and stimulation
Self-interference cancelling in full-duplex transceivers
Self-redundant real-time fault diagnosis of battery systems in electrified vehicles
Shear behavior of anchors for squat attached building components under severe earthquake loading
Short-term operational planning problem of the multiple-energy carrier hybrid AC/DC microgrids
Shortest path problem: A deductive graph spectrum approach
Signal integrity design and characterization of printed circuit board vias and traces up to 110 GHz
Simulating a high performance channel for reliable error rate an dpower metrics in a brain computer interface application
Simulation of geometry and shadow effects in 3D organic polymer solar cells
Simulation of physical layer impairments on communication system