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COMPE 375 Embedded Systems Programming
COMPE 470 Digital Circuits
COMPE 470L Digital Logic Laboratory
COMPE 271 Computer Organization
COMPE 361 Windows Programming
3-D printing of magnetic field responsive biomimetic structures
Processing and mechanical behavior of novel tin hybrid [graphite-alumina] composite 3D printing filament
Verification of specialized fire dynamics simulator for wildfire applications
Indentation creep and hardness response of tin-alumina metal matrix composites
Droop control for islanded microgrids
Computational and experimental investigation of vortex cooling of a gas turbine blade using 3-D stereo-particle image velocimetry and liquid crystals
3D printing of bioinspired functional microstructures for use in fog collection
Predicting domestic energy consumption using inferencing at the edge
E E 492 / COMPE 492 Senior Design B
E E 584 Power Electronics
E E 655 Modem Design
E E 601 Linear System Theory and Design
E E 458L Communications and Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
E E 584L Power Electronics Laboratory
E E 586 Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grid Technologies