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A theorem on volume in higher-dimensional Euclidean spaces
Geology of the Shadow Mountains area, eastern San Bernardino County, California
Pyrolysis of 1, 1-dichlorodisilane
A microwave study of beta-butyrolactone
Spectral sequences in topology
An implementation of MIX
Dielectric properties of alcohol mixtures
Upper Cretaceous biostratigraphy of a portion of northwestern Baja California, Mexico
Numerical solution of a model of superfluid helium film
The petrology of the mafic complex north of Jamul, San Diego County, California
Geology of the northern Sierra Pinta Baja California, Mexico
Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some associated liquids
Geology of the Portuguese Mountain area, Nye County, Nevada
Clastic intrusions in the Moreno Shale, east flank--Panoche Hills, California
Geologic and geophysical reconnaissance of the Valle de San Felipe region, Baja California, Mexico
Vein and amygdule minerals, Metchosin Formation, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Depositional pattern within the Upper Cretaceous southwest of Coalinga, California
Measures and categories
Geochemical prospecting for nickel in the Julian-Cuyamaca area, California
The effects of Brans-Dicke cosmology on the evolution of galaxies