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Proactive evaluation of safety for vulnerable road users at signalized intersections
Processing and mechanical behavior of CNT reinforced nickel aluminides
Processing and mechanical behavior of novel tin hybrid [graphite-alumina] composite 3D printing filament
Processing of functional composites by powder deposition and spark-plasma sintering
Processing of tailored functional and structural powder-based components by spark plasma sintering
Processing of titanium--titanium diboride foams using patterned track scans and a pulsed Nd:YAG laser source
Production of a novel aluminum-carbon nanotube composite open-cell foam
Proposed method for retaining wall construction via shotcrete
Public perceptions of connected and automated vehicles before and after informative intervention
Pulsatile Flow in the Aorta of the LVAD Supported Heart Studied Using Particle Image Velocimetry
QoS aware on demand multipath routing schemes in MANET
QoS fairness for low priority traffic
QoS provisioning for IEEE 802.16e standard
Quantifying runoff water quality characteristics from nurseries subjected to altered irrigation and fertilizer regimes
Quantitative assessment of an experimental model using intraventricular fluid dynamics for the detection of LVAD pump thrombus
Radiation Heat Transfer Simulation in a Window for a Small Particle Solar Receiver Using the Monte Carlo Method
Radiation heat transfer simulation of a small particle solar receiver using the Monte Carlo Method
Radio frequency energy harvesting for embedded IOT applications
Radio-mediated polymeric bonding of soils
Rare cell trapping using microfluidics platform with integrated micro-vortex and size exclusion features