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Polymer layer structure and protein rearrangements impact protein adsorption on polymer coated surfaces
Polymethylmethacrylate Combustion In A Narrow Channel Apparatus Simulating A Microgravity Environment
Polyurea foam for protective armor
Position and attitude determination using deep learning object detection algorithms for autonomous aerial refueling
Powder processing of hybrid sintered silver-silver chloride neural electrodes
Powder processing of hybrid titanium neural electrodes
Power and efficiency analysis of a solar central receiver combined cycle plant with a small particle heat exchanger receiver
Power control and optimization of photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems
Power management in wearable sensors
Power management in wireless ad hoc networks with directional antennas
Power optimization and management of a smart microgrid using artificial intelligence and stochastic methods
Predicting critical near-crashes at signalized intersections
Predicting domestic energy consumption using inferencing at the edge
Predicting pathogen fate and transport throughout the sanitation service chain: Knowledge to practice with the Global Water Pathogens Project
Predicting vehicle trajectories at intersections using advanced machine learning techniques
Prediction of distortion in PIN diode RF switches with inputs possessing arbitrary spectrums
Prediction of protein coding regions in DNA sequences using the Stockwell Transform
Preliminary investigations of novel inhomogeneous- homogeneous aluminum hybrid composites
Preliminary sizing, flight test, and performance analysis of small tri-rotor VTOL and fixed-wing UAV
Prioritized video packet size evaluation in IEEE 802.11e wireless LAN