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Stress relaxation in heterogeneous sand mixtures
Structural analysis, modeling, and design of a reinforced concrete Afghan school under severe earthquake motions
Study and analysis of AODV routing and SEEDEX MAC protocols
Study and design of video content analysis and object tracking technique
Study of IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Control Protocols Using Directional Antennas
Study of LTE Advanced
Study of TCP schemes for wireless networks in NS-3 network simulator
Study of emane and core network emulators for UAV networks
Study of multipath routing schemes for mobile ad-hoc networks
Study of priority-aware slice drop schemes in H.264 video
Study of side-channel information leakage in CMOS comparators
Study of smart video packetization of H.264 video stream for mobile wireless application
Study of the impact of encoder parameters and unequal error protection scheme on hevc performance on fading channels
Surf vehicle for paraplegic surfers
Surface water quality after the Woolsey Fire in Southern California
Swell redirection with compressible intruders
Synchronization Requirements for Downlink Coordinated Mulitpoint Joint Transmission
Synchronization in fixed WiMAX radios
Synthesis and characterization of polyurea-polyurea composite
Synthesis of porous Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti high entropy alloys