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Optimized placement of LoRa nodes and gateway
Origami-based 3-dimensional neural probes for epidural and intradural recording and neurotransmitter detection
Padeye strength for ship construction
Parametric study of influence of stiffener variables on postbuckling response of frame-stiffened composite panels
Part load study of twin-screw expander for ultra-low grade thermal energy conversion using organic rankine cycle
Passive Macromodeling Methodology For High Speed Interconnects
Passive network function approximation using sum-of-squares polynomials
Patterns of molecular evolution among the PE and PPE proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Per-Packet Rate Adaptation for Priority Based Protection in 802.11 MIMO Networks for Wireless Video Transmission
Performance analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 for body area networks
Performance evaluation of Body Area Network using Zigbee protocol
Performance evaluation of a multi-leader-follower mobility model for uav swarm
Performance evaluation of prioritized H.264 video transmission over quality of service aware wireless ad hoc LAN
Performance of reflector antennas by employing triple mode feedhorn and a frequency reconfigurable spiral loaded planar dipole antenna
Performance of single layer multimode concenric circular microstrip patch antenna for reconfigurable radiation patterns
Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater and natural waters
Photochemical dissolution and degradation of industrial crude oil and natural seep oil in seawater
Photonic transfer in DNA nano construct
Physical Layer Comparative Study of WCDMA and LTE
Physical layer comparative study of WCDMA and LTE