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On-chip implementation of feature extraction of ECOG data based on principal component analysis - FPGA demonstration
One Hundred Thirteenth Commencement: College of Engineering
Open-Source In-Vitro NeuroMEMS Hardware Platform for Transmission of Neural Signals Recorded Using a Novel ECoG Microsensor Array
Opposed-flow flame spread over solid fuels in different burning regimes
Optical analysis and modeling of a window for small particle receiver using the Monte Carlo Ray Trace method
Optical design of a solar flux uniformity corrector for a combined photovoltaic-thermal receiver
Optimal attitude maneuvers using model predictive control and Chebyshev-Picard methods
Optimal control for stabilization of quadrotor vehicle trajectories
Optimization of electronic speed controller (ESC) power quality
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Optimization of variable stiffness composite plate structures