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Microfabrication and characterization of neural probes for lactic
Microfluidic platform to create micro vortices to enhance the capture cancer stem cells
Microfluidic production of liposomes for preliminary investigation of bio-quantum computing
Microwave sinter forging of ceramic metal powders
Microwave sinter-forging of zirconia ceramics
Mitral regurgitation in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) patients
Modeling a latent heat thermal energy storage system for solar powered supercritical carbon dioxide cycles
Modeling and analysis of latent heat high temperature thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power plants
Modeling stability of epithelial cell acini structures
Modeling the mechanical deformation of an acini structure
Modifications and characterizations of a high concentration solar simulator
Modifications to and modeling of a lab-scale metal alloy thermal energy storage system
Multi-scale processing of powder-based aluminum alloys
Natural convective cooling using a thermal chimney in the Southern California climate regions
New generation of multi-modal spinal neural probes for epidural stimulation
Next generation neural probe: On-chip strain sensing and magnetic resonance compatibility
Non-invasive means of detecting subterranean border crossing tunnels
Novel 3-D all-polymer high collection efficiency pathogen detection biochip
Numerical Modeling Of Laboratory-Scale Surface-To-Crown Fire Transition
Numerical modeling of DNA hybridization in electronically active microarrays with partial match and mismatch kinetics