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Heterogeneity in normal neurocognition: A latent profile analysis of the expanded Halstead-Reitan battery normative dataset
Ecological correlates of physical activity among urban adult and adolescent populations: Findings from global and US contexts
A food environment perspective on the fruit and vegetable dietary behaviors of US Hispanics
The role of children, families, and acculturation on Latina mothers' dietary intake and behaviors
Sentence comprehension in aphasia: A test of the intervener hypothesis
The structure and function of interoceptive brain regions in adolescent substance users
Vascular contributions to neurocognitive impairment among older persons with HIV
The impact of involuntary drug treatment on overdose, subsequent drug use and drug use treatment-seeking among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
The role of SoxB1 gene in the regeneration and function of sensory neurons in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
Hyperkyphosis and incident falls among community-dwelling older adults
"Ecological moderators of the relation between neighborhood safety and physical activity"
Characterizing reading ability in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
SEIRscape, an agent-based mosquito-human virus transmission framework, and the vector basis of dengue risk across Peru and Thailand
Catalytic water oxidation by molecular ruthenium complexes bearing multifunctional ligands