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The study of web application development versus native application development on iPhone
The structure, petrology, and chemistry of the Orocopia Schist, Picacho State Recreation Area, California
The structure theorem for sets of length for numerical semigroups
The structural and stratigraphic development of the Tapung Trough during graben formation, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia
The social pressure to appear busy: A construct validation study
The shape file manipulation tool
The sedimentology and provenance of the upper cretaceous Rosario Formation between Punta Banda and Punta San Jose, Baja California, Mexico
The sedimentology and provenance of the Upper Cretaceous Rosario Formation and the Upper Paleocene-Lower Eocene Sepultra Formation, Baja California, Mexico
The secret ingredient: the role of informants in national security
The role of the insular cortex in chemosensory responses to ethanol
The role of social recognition feedback in developing science identities and reducing belonging concerns for retention in stem
The role of pou4-2 in mechanosensory neuron function and regeneration in planarians
The role of non-neuronal acetylcholine and cholinergic lymphocytes in the murine lung during influeza infection
The role of intermittent fasting on Drosophila melanogaster longevity, stress response, and neuronal health
The role of epigenetics in plant adaptation across an elevational cline in arabidopsis thaliana
The role of cognitive appraisal in the relationship between perceived racial discrimination and psychological distress among Latinos
The role of age in the relationships between substance use and risky sexual behavior among HIV-positive young men who have sex with men in Thailand
The role of POU4 homologue in the regeneration and maintenance of planarian sensory neurons
The role of MANF in the ER stress response
The relationship of the Thorne's hairstreak butterfly (Callophrys [Mitoura] grynea thornei) with its host plant, Tecate cypress (Hesperocyparis forbesii)