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Two-phase PIV investigation of air-blasted sprays
120th Commencement: College of Engineering
Functional connectivity supporting word retrieval in speech production: A graph signal processing approach
Calibration of bilinear softening cohesive law for modeling fiber compressive failure
Experimental autonomous deep learning-based 3D path planning for a 7-DOF robot manipulator
Characterization of mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture energy for hybrid laminates including residual thermal strains
Novel design and fabrication of multilayered carbon MEMS for microscale electroporation for a CRISPR platform
Visitor Center at North Station 100% Submittal
Regression based pollutant rating of combustion emissions
A stochastic model for collective cell migration in realistic 3D extracellular matrix environments
Low-power Bluetooth motion sensor for spinal kinematics
Ambient sensor based respiratory rate sensing system
Investigation of a near black body, channel receiver for harvesting concentrated solar power
Numerical model of a concentrated solar power combined cycle plant with sensible thermal energy storage
Hybrid beamforming codebook design for 5G systems
Design and development of a dual flame apparatus for the fabrication of binary layered films of carbon and manganese oxide nanoparticles
Characterization of impedance properties of a conductive electrospun polymer biopotential electrode with porous fiber arrays
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
Flame Analyzer: A MATLAB based flame spread analysis tool
Evaluation of pedestrian and bicycle exposure and crash risk at signaled intersections in San Diego