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Demographic correlates of measles vaccine noncompliance using the National Immunization Survey 2011 data
Demographic indicators of willingness to acquire the HPV vaccine among sexually transmitted disease clinic patients in San Diego County
Detection of surface nicotine using commercially available wipes in indoor environments
Determinants of airborne lead exposure during Special Operations training for United States Marines
Determination of organic compounds in smoked cigarette leachate and the bioaccumulation potentials in the marine mussel, mytilus galloprovincialis
Determining factors associated with the prevalence of self-reported pre-diabetes in adult US population (BRFSS 2008)
Diabetes and breast cancer: the Women's Healthy Eating & Living Study
Diabetes-related cultural beliefs in Oaxaca, Mexico
Dietary Intake and Risk Factors Associated with Food Insecurity
Differences in disordered eating among sexual and gender minority college students in the National College Health Assessment
Disaster & emergency preparedness for people with mobility disabilities in Mexico
Discretionary self-monitoring of physical activity : a mixed-methods study of behavior change technique use and historical physical activity
Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in San Diego marinas
Do the Demographic and Behavioral Characteristics Differ Between MSM Who Self-Select Repeated vs. One Time HIV Testing Within a 12-Month Period Using a Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) Screening Algorithm?
Does resource deprivation account for the disparity in self-reported asthma attacks in American Indian/Alaska Native adults?
Drugs of abuse in wastewater: Indicators of sewage contamination of Forester Creek, California and a tool for estimating drug consumption rates in the local community
Early infant male circumcision for HIV prevention in Uganda: Determinants of uptake and future intention; and exploration of health workers’ perspectives
Early substance use experiences and trajectories leading to injection drug use among male and female current injection drug users in the Mexico-US Border Region
Ecological correlates of physical activity among urban adult and adolescent populations: Findings from global and US contexts
Effect of MTBE on CYP19 (aromatase) activity and total P450 in male Sprague-Dawley rats following fourteen day gavage exposure