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Performance and scene
Phonetic components in Japanese characters
Phonetic- and phonological-theoretic structures of the syllable: Investigating cross-linguistic syllable perception and the McGurk effect
Pragmatic effects of non-normative honorifics in Korean
Predicting video game sales using an analysis of internet message board discussions
Questions in academic discourse
Role of language exposure in learning L2: Persian learners of English in English vs. non-English speaking environments
Sonority distance preferences in developmental dyslexia: Investigating linguistic universals for application in clinical approaches
Syntactic Roles and Functions of Said Construction
Tayyib ( طيب) : A corpus-based approach
Textbook analysis: vocabulary instruction of Chinese as a foreign language
The New Orleans narratives: a discourse analysis of American survival stories
The assertional force of V2 complement clauses in German
The classification of SB277 and temporally-varied Twitter data
The defendant speaks: Allocution in federal court
The effects of teacher experience on interaction in two Japanese as a foreign language classrooms
The linguistics performance of sexual identity by an openly gay Christian minister
The role of explicit instruction an analysis of English learners' development of academic writing
The syntax and semantics of Korean serial verb constructions: a corpus-based analysis
There Was... Something New! Do Information Status Constraints Guide Hearers' Expectations During Online Language Comprehension?