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Testbed implementation of multihop wireless ad-hoc networks
Wear and Mechanical Behaviors of Nickel Aluminide-Carbon Nanotube Composites
The effect of thermal conductivity of thin solid fuel on opposed-flow flame spread in microgravity
Optimization of electronic speed controller (ESC) power quality
Optimized placement of LoRa nodes and gateway
Design and implementation of hardware architectures for neural signal processing
An examination of the Source Selection Process at San Diego State University with Mission Valley Stadium Case Study
Real-time traffic monitoring and SQL injection attack detection for edge networks
Effect of process control agent on electrically activated reactive synthesis (EARS) of nickel aluminide carbon nanotube composites
Investigating flexible microthermoelectric generator module for ultra-low-power medical system-on-a-chip application
IC aging prediction based on machine learning
Medium access control protocols for UHF-RFID transmitters for brain computer interface applications
Estimation and control of the nonlinear rotary inverted pendulum: Theory and hardware implementation
Investigation and development of a noise canceling low noise amplifier for 5G New Radio
Real-time indoor geolocation tracking for assisted healthcare facilities
Induced drag minimization procedure for generic non-planar wings
A survey on channel modeling for vehicular communications
Non-intrusive activity and presence detection for multiple people using low resolution ambient sensors
Monitoring the transient stiffness of crushing sands
Investigation of algal biomass disruption with copper sulfate and cutrine plus