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The effect of threat-induced anxiety on neural and behavioral mechanisms of attentional bias to threat
Simulated atmospheric turbulence: Development of methodology for mitigation algorithm performance evaluation
Dynamic mode decomposition and network evolution
Toward optimal GPU utilization: Code-optimization of a simulation environment for vortex patch interactions and their influence on cnoidal waves using the scalFMM framework
Edges, loops, and hypercubes: An exploration of the topological structure of graphs in numerical semigroup theory
Utilizing a ranking machine learning algorithm on retention time results to reduce false positive matches in untargeted metabolomics
Youth-Therapist agreement on therapeutic alliance and youth treatment engagement in the context of cultural competence
Tightness-looseness of social norms predict implicit associations between being white and the American identity
Optimizing polytopal norms with respect to numerical semigroups
Dysregulation of the human gut metabolome through oral contraceptive use, an untargeted metabolomic study
A cellular assay to monitor proteolytic activity of Dengue virus protease on host proteins
A geometric approach to block monoids
Deep VCF: A prokaryotic SNP variant caller using deep neural networks
Developing microwave networks into quantum objects within SLH formalism
Electron transfer systems of methylotuvimicrobium alcaliphilum 20ZR, a model aerobic methane consuming bacterium
Navigating the fog of more: A practical guide to achieving cybersecurity gains in the maritime industry
Reduction in avoidance as a mechanism of action in transdiagnostic brief behavioral therapy for youth with anxiety and/or depression
Exploring dynamically-driven coupled LC oscillators as an experimental, semiclassical analog of a two-level atom
Exploration of nanocrystals from solar cell material (perovskite and silicon) for photocatalytic organic synthesis