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Experiences of child maltreatment and their effects on the development of externalizing behavior problems among youth
Explaining individual differences in treatment outcome for adults with substance dependence and major depression : mediators and moderators of change
Exploring chemistry graduate student identity development and the intersection of multiple sub-identities
Exploring lesson study as a model of professional development for higher education chemistry instructional teams
Exploring risk factors for non-adherence to screening mammography among women living with humanity immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
Exploring the Relationships between Emergent Mathematical Practices, Individuals' Ways of Reasoning, and Meanings Constructed through Discourse
Exploring the global virome and deciphering the role of phages in cystic fibrosis
Exploring the relationship between teacher professional noticing and responsive teaching in experienced secondary science teachers
Exploring the ways emergent bilingual students’ engagement in mathematical practices is supported through the teacher-curriculum interaction
Factors affecting the strength and sensitivity of an herbivore-induced seaweed defense
Factors considered by elementary teachers when developing and modifying mathematical tasks to support children's mathematical thinking
Factors that influence the performance of complex behaviors in a terrestrial vertebrate: Variability in the kangaroo rat evasive leap
Fear of falling, attitudes toward aging, and balance in older adults
Feasibility and Acceptability of Graded In-Vivo Exposure Therapy for Fibromyalgia Patients
Finding a novel way for fast sequence alignment and exploiting information theory in bacterial genomes and complete phages
First 4-pyridylidene arboxylate complexes of ruthenium and their water oxidation catalysis; origin of high (£)-selectivity in alkene isomerization by a CpRu(PN) catalyst
First X-ray crystal structure of an insect muscle myosin
Forecasting MLB performance utilizing a Bayesian approach in order to optimize a fantasy baseball draft
From bismuth nitrogen molecules to silver nanoparticles: A bottom-up approach to materials chemistry and applications
From bottom-up to top-down : an fMRI study of language development