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Cell culture studies of xanthopterin and isoxanthopterin
Teaching mindfulness to middle school students and homeless youth in school classrooms
One Hundred Twelfth Commencement: College of Health and Human Services
Are demographic, behavioral, acculturation and environmental risk factors associated with adolescent obesity in CHIS 2007 data?
Biological Control of Mosquitoes of Disease in San Diego County
Demographic characteristics related to vaccination status in children aged 19 to 35 months
A clinical effectiveness and cost comparison of continuous passive motion (CPM) after hip surgery in children
Sexual orientation as a risk factor for depressive symptoms in a population-based sample of California males : analysis of the 2009 California Health Interview Survey
Patterns of historical physical activity and the impact on current status of osteoporosis in the older population
The availability of vending machines, school stores and snack shops and student's poor dietary intake
An exploratory study on the impact of acculturation on waterpipe smoking practices among Arab Americans in San Diego, California
Greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste recycling in San Diego County hospitals
A qualitative study to better understand Asian American women's cancer screening decisions
The influence of the prehospital 12 lead ECG on door to balloon time in the STEMI patient
Predictors of high risk sexual behaviors in deported male Mexican migrants
Association between thyroid function and obesity in euthyroid adults
Gender differences in fruit and vegetable consumption and percent calories from fat among Latino immigrants in North Carolina
Examining the relationships between trauma exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder, and metabolic syndrome
Evaluating the effectiveness of the lift team method in reducing musculoskeletal injuries associated with patient handling tasks
Characterization of chemical compounds in cigarette filters leachates