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Correlates of mammography screening adherence among churchgoing, Mexican-born Latinas
The effect of the El Niño Southern Oscillation on levels of fecal indicator bacteria at the Imperial Beach, CA shoreline
Characterization of nanoparticle emissions from 3D printers in different environments
Health and wellbeing of older adults In The United States and Japan: A comparative study
Cognitive function deficits in overweight and obese children
Contextual factors associated with poor provider-patient communication among Medicare beneficiaries with a usual source of care
The full clinical spectrum of pulmonary tuberculosis disease indentified during screening of US Immigrants and Customs Enforcement detainees
Exploring the relationship between survivorship care factors and fear of cancer recurrence among adult cancer survivors
Accuracy of three screening-level vapor intrusion models for indoor air: Comparison of predicted volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations with measured levels
A study of the immunization rates in California childcare facilities in 2014-2015
The relationship between substance use and missed medical appointments among women living with HIV/AIDS
The unhealthy food environment around elementary schools
Examining racial and ethnic health disparities among women who recieved breast cancer screenings
Promoting equity in stem cell genomics survey
The use of emergency contraception by a group of women ages 16-25 in San Diego
Association of ventilator-associated events with early-identification monitoring
Relationship between sleep duration and central obesity in Latina women living in San Diego County
Industrial storm water benchmark pollution exceedances in Regional Water Quality Control Board Nine, 2007 to 2014
Evaluation of nicotine and tobacco specific nitrosamines in Minnesota house dust
Investigating traffic-related pollutant concentrations during a physical activity intervention in various neighborhoods throughout the county of San Diego