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Design and development of a 2 degree of freedom haptic device for neurorehabilitation
The impact of blade thickness on the structural and aerodynamics performance of a morphing wind turbine blade
Real time sonification of motion
Intraventricular fluid mechanics and thrombus formation in the LVAD-assisted heart
Long term response of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation
Finite element analysis of conductive and convective heat loss in a MEMS chemoresistive chemical sensor
Application of validated radiation model in flame spread rate over solid fuels
Computational modeling of radiative, thermal, and kinetic regimes of flame spread
Corrosion of glassy carbon neural electrodes under electrical stimulation and chemical exposure
Production of a novel aluminum-carbon nanotube composite open-cell foam
In-vivo characterization of glassy carbon micro-electrode arrays for neural applications and histological analysis of the brain tissue
High pressure spark plasma sintering followed by electric annealing of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy
The effect of GC content on the electrical conductivity of DNA molecular wires
Investigation of adhesion layer for hybrid metal and glassy-carbon (GC) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Power and efficiency analysis of a solar central receiver combined cycle plant with a small particle heat exchanger receiver
An inverted pendulum device for validating dynamic center of pressure of the balance tracking system
Integrating horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines for a point conversion
Temperature effect on DNA molecular wires
Investigations into spark plasma extrusion of titanium powder
Flow reactor fluid dynamic modeling and experimentation to produce submicron carbon particles