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Fabrication and analysis of microscale aluminum foam precursor particles by use of titanium hydride
Fabrication and characterization of 3-D all polymer flexible solar cell
Fabrication and characterization of additively manufactured composite multiferroics
Fabrication and characterization of flexible and porous biopotential electrodes via powder metallurgy
Fabrication and characterization of graphene based organic solar cells with optical cavities
Fabrication and characterization of spinal stimulation electrodes
Fabrication of Gold-Platinum and Gold-Carbon Hybrid Polyimide Spinal Cord Surface Electrodes for the Stimulation of Spinal Neurons
Fabrication of multi-layered, freestanding, SU-8 structures using a buried photoresist mask method
Fabrication of organic solar cells using sputtered indium tin oxide anode on flexible substrate
Finite element analysis of conductive and convective heat loss in a MEMS chemoresistive chemical sensor
Flame analyzer 2: A fully two dimensional flame spread video analysis tool
Flame spread across materials commonly used on spacecraft at varied oxygen levels and opposed flow velocity in simulated microgravity
Flame spread experiments in a simulated microgravity environment using a Couette Flow Apparatus
Flame spread over thick polymethylmethacrylate samples in a simulated and actual microgravity environment
Flow reactor fluid dynamic modeling and experimentation to produce submicron carbon particles
Flow visualization of patient-specific right heart models in a mock circulatory loop
Gait differences in obese, overweight and normal weight in teenagers
Geometric characterization and optimization of 3D organic flexible solar cells
Geometry and fusion of aortic heart valves from continuous flow left ventricular assist device patients
High pressure spark plasma sintering followed by electric annealing of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy