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Python Oracle integration and data analysis
Proximity Mapping Sensor Application (PMSApp) for Android Framework
Prokaryotic taxonomy: A software analysis of species diversity
Professor pages : easy course website maintenance
Production line modeling : a simplified approach based on theory of constraints
Probabilistic data analysis - machine learning approach
Post-secondary Indian isolation selection tool
Polyline and polygon plotting in Map Objects
Platform Independent Experimentation Workbench for Unimodal/Cross-modal Priming Studies
Performance comparison of single sequence RNA secondary structure prediction approaches and a method to determine accuracy of prediction by CONTRAfold
Peer tell application : (a discussion point for SDSU CS department)
Payment checkout system for online language testing tool CAST
Path planning in planar environments using triangulations
Parallel programming on GPU using Intel Array Building Blocks
Parallel Computation of Functions on Set Partitions
PPP: Parallel Parity Processing Based on Multiple Parity Channels
PARE : a partial replication strategy adaptive to movie popularity changes for video-on-demand servers
PACE: Preventing attacks on case identities in event logs through attribute generalizations
Oracle Draw Tool for San Diego State University
Optimized character formation on mobile platform