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Locating the decimal point in the division of decimal fractions
A numerical solution of a system of linear integro-partial differential equations
A survey of beginning industrial arts teaching problems in San Diego County
The exact distribution of the Kolmogoroff-Smirnoff statistic
An analysis of stresses and deflections in a disk with various boundary conditions subjected to gyroscopic forces
The masks of Kunti
Lead-alpha ages of the clasts in the Poway formation
Neogene ostracods from the drowned terraces in the Hawaiian Islands
A combinatorial system for Turing machines
The geology and biostratigraphy of Letterbox Canyon, San Diego County, California
Coaxial refolding in southeast San Diego County, California
The acoustic impedance of apertures in a plate
Geology of a submarine valley on the continental slope off Baja California, Mexico
A possible relationship between color loss in hyacinth zircons and meteoritic impact
The determination of heliocentric orbital elements
X-ray fluorescence rubidium: Strontium age determinations of minerals from the Southern California batholith
The photolysis of acetone in the presence of HBr: A study of some primary photochemical processes of acetone
The benzo(1,2:3,4:5,6)tricyclobutene problem
Markov chains and manufacturing processes
Stratigraphy and structure of the Tijuana-Rosarito Beach area, northwestern Baja California, Mexico