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Training paraprofessions to support students with challenging behaviors
Mindfulness in partners and parents: Comparing mindfulness in couples who are parents to those who are not
Fashion for me! An evaluation of student fashion choices and school dress code policies
A self-compassion and mindfulness program for preschoolers
Parent's mental health and engagement in their children's mental health treatment
Positive support strategies program: Implementing a professional development series on positive guidance strategies in afterschool programs
Parent-child relationships and school attitudes in Vietnamese young adults
Promoting stress reduction using mindfulness for educators in a military based child development center
Characterizing differences in delivery of a parent-training intervention for asd to Hispanic and non-Hispanic families to inform cultural adaptation
Educational intervention for Korean immigrant parents for promoting communication skill with their children
Pilots 2.0: A redesigned and refocused community and mental health outreach program for teens
Professional development for early childhood professionals: Examining change in the sensitivity and emotion socialization practices of students in a one-year training program
A for-credit elective course in mindfulness and compassion: Impacts on the mind, heart, and behaviors of postsecondary students
Risk and resilience in early childhood educators
LS 300 Intro to Liberal Studies, Sec. 1
LS 300 Introduction to Liberal Studies
LS 300 Introduction to Liberal Studies, Section 03
LIB S 300 Intro to Liberal Studies, section 02