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The effect of gender and social class on work values: Mediated by person and thing orientation
Quantifying the biological effects of FLASH radiotherapy with plasmid DNA
Incorporating the Homeland Security Program to San Diego State University Imperial Valley
Portable neurofeedback: A novel approach that uses music tempo to enhance neural self-regulation
Relation between authenticity constructs and workplace approach/avoidance outcomes
Perspectives on the psychological dimensions of active shooters and potential actions that communities and schools can take to mitigate the challenges
A search for circumbinary planets in light curves from NASA’s TESS mission department of astronomy
Exploring outcomes of forced organizational helping behavior as a potential stressor
The threat of climate change: An unavoidable struggle for national security
The moderating effect of polychronicity in the relationship between job demands and work outcomes
Optical photon extraction from an LYSO scintillator matrix for a 3D PET detector design
Ball collision decoding performance on linear codes
IterMatchApp, a web application for the IterMatch group matching algorithm
Modeling HIV infection in the plasma and brain under conditioning of drugs of abuse: Infection risk and persistence department of mathematics and statistics
Local scales in imaging
Time-series and phasecurve photometry of episodically-active asteroid (6478) gault in a quiescent state
Behavioral performance and neural basis of attention and hyperactivity in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Designing nanostructured photo absorbers for high performance hydrogen evolution
The role of age in the relationships between substance use and risky sexual behavior among HIV-positive young men who have sex with men in Thailand
Exploring aqueous solutions of dna using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy