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Sensual to sexual: A theoretical approach to examining correlates of prostitution behavior in exotic dancers
Senior change makers pilot study: Improving physical activity environments through intergenerational advocacy
Sediment accretion rates and metal contamination of the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve in Mission Bay, CA
Sedentary behavior and risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Seasonal variation of chemical composition of PM2.5IN four sites in San Ysidro, California
Seasonal trends and spatial patterns of biological oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen in the United States Tijuana River Watershed
Screening low income homes in San Diego County for thirdhand smoke contamination through surface wipe nicotine sampling
Screening for driver disorientation at the Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles
Screening Organic Contaminants in the Desert Tortoise in the Mojave
SLAMM (Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model) modeling of the effects of sea level rise on coastal wetland habitats of San Diego County
Risk factors and surveillance for arboviruses and their vectors in Guatemala and Puerto Rico
Risk assessment of methylmercury from fish consumption in Oahu, Hawaii using hair as a biomarker of exposure
Risk assessment of consumption of mercury, PCBS, and chlorinated pesticides from fish caught off the Imperial Beach Pier, San Diego, California
Risk Assessment for Occupational Exposure to Isoflurane in Pharmaceutical Research and Veterinary Facilities in San Diego, California
Research on the epidemiology of prefilled syringe use among persons who inject drugs in San Diego, CA
Research on the effect of paraoxonase single nucleotide polymorphisms on the association of race with cardiovascular disease
Research on sexual and condom use behaviors in the Botswana Defence Force
Removal of dissolved metals by the Imperial and Brawley Constructed Wetlands, Imperial Valley, C.A.
Relationship between sleep duration and central obesity in Latina women living in San Diego County
Relationship between body image discrepancy and intuitive eating