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Sensitive detection/separation of nicotine and its metabolites by laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for environmental and biomedical applications
Improved dynamical parameters for transiting circumbinary planets
Comparison of brittle vs. ductile surface deformation in an Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zone: Examples from the Helendale Fault, San Bernardino County, California
Factors impacting physical and mental health care utilization among children in foster care
Using Drosophila to characterize the acute and long-term molecular and physiological responses in the adult nervous system following mild traumatic brain injury
Current activated melt Infiltration of copper nano-composite
Paleogene sedimentology, lithostratigraphic correlations and paleogeography, San Miguel Island, Santa Cruz Island, and San Diego, California
Development of universal primer for HIV genome
Lehrer on belief and acceptance
A critical analysis of the private language argument
A dangerous neutrality: Ronald Reagan, Argentina, and the South Atlantic crisis
La Concientización de La Farsa: Fenomenología heteronormativa en El eterno femenino de Rosario Castellanos
"Ma luoy man me": Reproductive health and family planning in Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines
Relationship between acculturation and Chinese parents’ beliefs about young children’s emotions
Safety cynicism : a new safety construct
From toilet to tap: The evolving discourse of recycled drinking water
Borderland trajectories: Exploring the world of forced migration through the lens of those who walk its soil
Radiobiological and dosimetric magnetic field effects of MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy
The State Department and the Space Race