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Cascading style sheet generator
Charting in mapping
Charts for map objects
Classification of immunoprofiles with combined correlated features algorithm
Cloud based file system on mobile devices
Cloud computing technologies overview and comparison -- "Microsoft Azure vs Amazon EC2"
Co-robots motion planning in crowds
CogenPro - migration from Java desktop application to web application
Collaborative search of universities for MS in the southwestern US
Colonial History of Mexico - A Bilingual GIS Application
Colonial and pre-colonial Canada
Comparative study and analysis of social networking sites
Comparative study of Oracle Spatial and Postgres Spatial
Comparative study of major vendor spatial databases
Comparing algorithms in rejecting unknown species in a species detection task
Comparing mobile platforms
Comparing performance of applications written in smartphone development environments
Comprehensive Web Application For Citer
Comprehensive exam test preparation system
Computation of the distribution of word lengths for a regular language defined by a regular grammar