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Writing from the left: A proposed democratic introduction to writing curriculum with a focus on capitalist critique
A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
Monitoring cropping systems in California's Imperial Valley using a tri-space approach
Gender and power: A theoretical analysis of gendered prison work programs
Imaginarios de nación en la simbología de cuatro novelas Latinoamericanas
Hydrologic change along the All-American Canal in California’s Imperial Valley
Philosophy and praxis of multilingual tutors
"His ghostly solitude": Terror management theory and the thought and art of W. B. Yeats
Daltônico: The myth of Brazil's "racial democracy"
Imperialism: Alive and well in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
First-generation college Latinas/xs's self-reported reasons for joining a Latina-focused sorority
Disseminating through melodies: Investigating intersectionalities of music, knowledge and power
Communist political struggle in Hue: Buddhist, student, and intellectual dissidence during the Vietnam War (1954-1966)
Evaluation of thermal infrared imaging from unmanned aerial vehicles for arboreal wildlife surveillance
Queer of color maternalista movidas: Listening to longings while evoking w(ho)leness
Knowing gun control: The relationship between opinion and knowledge in the American gun control debate
Women’s construction of chronic illness experiences through medical encounters and use of health information technology
Technical difficulties
Old as time: Circulation of gender conceptions in Beauty and the Beast tales