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An invasive alga as a potential subsidy disruptor in beach wrack-associated assemblages
Exploration of grain boundary engineering of pure aluminum by thermoelastic processing
Changes in morphology and behavior of the Coronado Island rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus caliginis), an insular population of the Western Rattlesnake (C. oreganus)
Brainism: An account of numerical identity
Deep learning assisted Hankel dynamic mode decomposition
3D printing of bioinspired functional microstructures for use in fog collection
Predicting domestic energy consumption using inferencing at the edge
A humanitarian critique of Cuban economic sanctions
Cool under the spotlight: Inferring the photospheric temperature of Betelgeuse from optical spectroscopy
Critically engaging representation: Queer, fat, and disabled bodyminds in romantic films
Meeting the pedagogical needs of first-generation students: A first-year composition curriculum
Superman, superwoman, or superhero? A thematic analysis of Reddit user discussions of female superheroes
Presence of mutualistic symbiosis with Nostocales cyanobacteria at the origin of land plants
Dimes on asphalt
Verification of specialized fire dynamics simulator for wildfire applications
Solving the skills gap: A dynamic approach to cybersecurity training
The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on behavioral regulation in preschool aged children
3-D printing of magnetic field responsive biomimetic structures