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The sum of the parts : how perceived peer acceptance and parental culture affect multi-ethnic identity and self-esteem
An analysis and comparison of two recreational music making adult piano curricula and two beginning adult piano curricula
Frat boys of faith
Immobilité : composing for film in parallel
Out of the closet, into the online world : communicating the sexual identity development processes of lesbian online daters
Examining pedestrian safety effects of safe routes to school investments in Chula Vista and National City
The Magicians
The song remains the same : authenticity in nostalgia-based tribute bands
A comparative analysis of the musical activities within three German occupied concentration camps: Warsaw, Terezín, and Auschwitz
Examining the form and function of San Diego boulevards : a planning implementation tool for boulevard revitalization
Mapping the path to success : mentors communicating student achievement for college admissions
Visual ideographs of abuse: a critical examination of intercultural perceptions of <domestic violence>
Mechanical design and fabrication of a lift system
Disincorporation patterns of Lebanon and Jordan : the case of Palestinian refugees
Space garden : an existential science fiction thriller
A ballad for Tex
The future of redevelopment affordable housing
Culture, brand, and space
Sexual coercion across cultures : an examination of prevalence, perceptions, and consequences of sexual coercion in Korea and the United States