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The role of control in bilingual verbal fluency: Evidence from aging and Alzheimer's disease
The structure and function of interoceptive brain regions in adolescent substance users
Theory of Mind and Risk Behavior in Individuals with HIV and Methamphetamine Dependence
Therapeutic alliance and outcomes in usual care child psychotherapy
Trauma, psychological distress, and pre-clinical markers of cardiometabolic disease among US Latinos
Trauma-related guilt : conceptual development and relationship with posttrauma psychopathology
Traumatic brain injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in OEF/OIF veterans : a combined diffusion tensor imaging and cortical thickness study
Treatment adherence and engagement in a transdiagnostic behavioral treatment for pediatric anxiety and depression
Two groups of occasional smokers different pathways with the same outcome
Understanding the relationship between non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease and sleep disorders
Usual Care' psychotherapy outcomes associated with therapist use of case management in the treatment of youths who have disruptive behavior problems
Vascular contributions to neurocognitive impairment among older persons with HIV
Vitamin D and Insomnia in a Twin Sample
White matter integrity, substance use, and risk taking in adolescence
Youth Advocacy for Obesity Prevention : Measurement Evaluation, Mediators of Advocacy Readiness and Receptivity, and Processes of Policy Change
fMRI correlates of risky decision-making in adolescent alcohol users : the role of abstinence