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"When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better": The relationship between rom-com consumption and relational quality and infidelity beliefs
"When God gives you AIDS...make lemon-AIDS": Ironic persona and perspective by incongruity in Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic
"What did daddy do now?": An autoethnography of a daughter and her alcoholic father's dialectic tensions
"We're like the unusual factor": Analyzing how gay adoptive fathers negotiate discourses of social challenge and develop family identities
"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
"They're only laughing 'cause you're pretty": Women's experiences at comedy clubs
"There comes an end to all things": Writing death and identity in literature and television
"There Is no billboard for transfer": A cultural wealth perspective on memorable experiences prior to transfer for community college students of color
"The mither tongue": The Scots language and its use in drama
"That doesn't strike me as Filipino": Navigating names, cultural identity, and rhetorical onomastics
"Take what you want and leave the rest": Alcoholics Anonymous and female empowerment
"So, you're a lean guy": Care provider, parent, and child communication about weight, diet, and physical activity
"So what if I was a stripper": Stigma management among recreational pole dancers in San Diego