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Consumer self-image and the beef boycott
Extending the CPA's attest function to California's official ballot pamphlet
FIN 427 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
Auditory sequencing of words for language impaired children
Behavior modification in the elementary class
Stroboscopic observation of valve train components
Improving nuclear mass predictions using machine learning algorithms
Time-series and phasecurve photometry of episodically-active asteroid (6478) gault in a quiescent state
Modeling lunar surface gravity anomaly using the finite element method (FEM): Applications in orbit propagation
Computation of asymptotic normalization constants for alpha-particle removal
Late prehistoric exchange network analysis in Carrizo Gorge and the far Southwest
Emergency management insights for US government – Lessons learned from natural disasters and areas of conflict
Improving nuclear density functional theory predictions with an artificial neural network
Limits on stable rotation of rapidly rotating neutron stars set by gravitational-radiation driven instabilities
Neural networks based surrogate models for quantification of gap and overlap defects in tow sterred composites
Colaboraciones internacionales de bibliotecas para apoyar las necesidades de información de los usuarios
C P 630 Seminar in Urban Planning Foundations
C P 640 Seminar in Urban Planning Theory and History
C P 660 City Planning and Geographic Information Systems Applications
C P 695 Introductory Urban Design Studio