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An investigation into at-risk student-athletes' experiences and academic performance: A case study at San Diego State University
An exploration of the perceptions of validation of Generation 1, Generation 1.5, Generation 2 and Generation 3+ students at a border community college
An exploration of the attitudes, values and beliefs of young SSI/DI beneficiaries at or near the completion of postsecondary education regarding self-sustaining employment
An exploration of models of principal supervision
An exploration of extracurricular clubs for building the 21st century skills of students with autism spectrum disorder
An examination of the instructional leadership role of high school vice principals
An examination of the effects of using a sustained-theme content-based instruction approach in a community college ESL program
An examination of principal leadership behaviors and their effect on school improvement
An examination of interests among achieving and underachieving adolescents
An examination of culturally-proficient principal leadership, trust, and Latino parent involvement
An examination of critical thinking skills in traditional and simulated environments for occupational therapy students
An event-related potential investigation of orthographic precision
An evaluation of the sustained use of evidence-based practices by high school personnel instructing students with autism spectrum disorder
An evaluation of the athletic academic support office and its ability to provide effective support for student-athletes at county college
An evaluation of nursing student motivation to learn using a virtual standardized patient simulation
An ethnographic study of language impaired preschoolers using a naturalistic instrument
An educational group therapy program for female partners of veterans diagnosed with PTSD
An appraisal of childhood vision problems: Evaluating risk factors and the psychosocial impact of strabismus in children
An analysis of tree mortality using high resolution remotely-sensed data for mixed-conifer forests in San Diego County