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School leaders’ impact on family engagement opportunities for Latino and African American families
First-year effects and persistence decisions: A moderated mediation model of coping, self-efficacy, and locus of control
Bridging the gap between set theory and logic: Leveraging computing as a mediating tool for learning
An event-related potential investigation of orthographic precision
Effective features of science professional development
Exploring the factors associated with elementary teachers’ who have maintained positive science attitude and self-efficacy during COVID-19 induced distance learning
Early indicators of response to behavioral treatment of pediatric anxiety and depression
Effects of motivationally enhanced compensatory cognitive training on modifiable risk factors for mild cognitive impairment
Computational and experimental investigation of vortex cooling of a gas turbine blade using 3-D stereo-particle image velocimetry and liquid crystals
Multi-scale modeling of soil microbial control on terrestrial carbon cycle
Teacher expectations: Impact on student learning outcomes
Trust (is) the process: A practitioner's guide to the utilization of enabling school structures to promote collective teacher efficacy
Black preschool minds matter: A critical examination of preschool teacher beliefs about discipline
Uncovering supports for foster youth within California local control and accountability plans
Investigating the role of contractile injection system effectors in host-microbe interactions
The trajectory of teacher interdisciplinary pedagogical content knowledge (IPCK) and the patterns of discourse that contribute to IPCK in an interdisciplinary project collaboration
There’s no [one] face to disability: An examination of faculty with disabilities, their approach to teaching, and support of students with disabilities in higher education
Phage and bacterial ecology in marine holobiont disease and competition
The preparation and capacity of special educators to manage conflict in IEP meetings
Teacher knowledge and beliefs regarding sight word development