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Hidden faces of ISIS: The radicalization and the roles of women
A study of packet scheduling over integrated access and backhaul (IAB) nodes in 5G networks
Functional and microbial characterization of a restored prairie soil microbiome
Co-robots motion planning in crowds
Investigating the deficits of cognitive control as a function of alcohol use disorder and gender
Pan-genome analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical strains
Genome-scale metabolic modeling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Precise ages for the binary star system 12 Com in the Coma Berenices cluster
Analysis of protein interactions on a U6 gene promoter by cross-linking mass spectrometry
Analysis of protein interactions on a U6 gene promoter by cross-linking mass spectrometry
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference for multilayered Al:SnO/ZnO metamaterial
The effects of combined prenatal nicotine and THC e-cigarette exposure on motor coordination
The effects of increasing acetylcholine on inflammaging and during influenza infection
Deciphering the role of the FZD5 receptor in hematopoietic stem cell development
Ubiquitination of Fzd9b in Wnt9a signaling and generating an inducible model of Wnt-dependent leukemia
Neurobehavioral indices of cognitive control impairments in men and women with a history of alcohol use disorder
Phylogenetics of Cardinalidae and the impact of habitat, climate, and ecology on the evolution of color
Learning deep visual models from synthetic images for municipal solid waste classification
Quantifying the relative biological effectiveness using a DNA-based detector
Coordination of the NF-KB and MAPK signaling pathways in supporting ovarian cancer relapse