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"Military brats" to college grads: Examining adaptation process of military adult children in higher education
A geo-spatial analysis of the assocation between craft breweries and crime in Vista, California
Por uno pagamos todos: Immigrant opinions on deportation
Communicating competitive cohesion: Investigation organizational culture within the indoor percussion ensemble
A galaxy not-so-far-away: Science fiction films, situated ideological allegory, and the rhetorical construction of American exceptionalism
Performing emotion: How employees communicatively navigate competing demands in specialty retail
Messages from near or far: A nutritional message design experiment targeting freshman college students
Visualizing the here and now of climate change: The effects of psychological distance and visual imagery on risk perceptions
Licensing-related predictors of state family child care quality as measured by state quality rating and improvement systems
Bringing prep out of the closet: Understanding queer adult's adoption of prep explained through the health belief model
13 reasons why: An exploration of parent involvment through third-person effect
IMPACCTS©: The development of the interactive media package for the assessment of communication and critical thinking-short version
Search party: Google search as an existential search
Evaluating trauma and recidivism in juvenile delinquents
Branding' as an interactional achievement: "Stories of the sharp experience" and personalized care during patient-provider encounters
Why do you (un)friend? Motivations for friending and unfriending others on Facebook
"What did daddy do now?": An autoethnography of a daughter and her alcoholic father's dialectic tensions
Mommy, do I have a daddy?: Navigating parent-child communication in the context of an absent parent
Six years of silence reclaiming agency through rape disclosure