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Characterization of traffic related air pollution particulate matter mass and surface area concentrations in the border community of San Ysidro and the Tijuana River National Estuarine
Chemical (caffeine and sucralose) and biological (e. coli) markers of sewage contamination in an urban stream (Forester Creek) in San Diego County, California
Chemical characterization of PM2.5 air pollution in Dhaka and Noakhali, Bangladesh
Cigarettes and marine systems: Exploring the bioaccumulative effects of tobacco waste on the marine bioindicator species, Macoma nasuta
Cognitive function deficits in overweight and obese children
Colorectal Cancer Screening Disparities Among Ethnic/Racial Groups In The United States
Comparison between personal air nicotine levels and nicotine in wristband worn by children exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) and e-cigarette vapor
Comparison of the numbers of readmissions among mental health, substance abuse, and all other diagnoses in San Diego County residents
Contextual factors associated with poor provider-patient communication among Medicare beneficiaries with a usual source of care
Coping among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors
Correlates of intimate partner violence (IPV) among Peruvian men: An ecological perspective
Correlates of mammography screening adherence among churchgoing, Mexican-born Latinas
Correlates of medical mistrust among Hispanics/Latinos in San Diego: Results from the HCHS/SOL-IDASH ancillary study
Correlates of perceived risk of HIV among injection drug users in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Correlates of physical activity, vigorous physical activity, and walking among first-generation Koreans in California
Correlates of prior hepatitis C antibody testing among injection drug users in San Diego, CA
Correlates of self-reported mental health status in single mothers using 2009 BRFSS data
County socioeconomic characteristics and differences in survival and stage at diagnosis among black and white women with endometrial cancer
Criteria pollutant emissions due to delays at the San Diego County-Baja California crossings
Dating Violence Victimization and Associated Risk Behaviors of 9th through 12th Grade High School Students