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Barriers to oral health care among Mexican migrant women and their families in North San Diego County
Behavioral and contextual factors shaping HIV risk environments among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico: implications for prevention and treatment
Bikeshare and transit in National City, CA: Implications for climate change, the economy, and public policy
Bioaccumulation of metals (AS, CD, CR, CU, NI, PB, SE, and ZN) from smoked cigarette litter in fish (Rainbow Trout) and shellfish (Mediterranean Mussels)
Bioaccumulation of organic compounds from smoked cigarette litter in the freshwater rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Bioassessment of San Diego Hydrologic Regions
Biological Control of Mosquitoes of Disease in San Diego County
Biomarkers of kidney and liver toxicity in male Sprague-Dawley rats following fourteen day oral exposure to methyl tertiary-butyl ether
Biomarkers of kidney function and cognitive performance in middle-aged and older adults
Body mass index as a predictor for mild cognitive impairment
Breast cancer recurrence risk based on reproductive and hormonal factors in early stage patients
Brief validated distracted driving questionnaire
Built environments and physical activity : improving understanding of the moderators
Bullying and its Association with Various Substance Use Amont U.S. 9TH through 12TH Grade High School Students
Can the central line-associated blood stream infection (CLABSI) definition be refined to include primarily those infections relevant to infection control practices?
Carbohydrate Intake and Outcomes among Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors
Cardiovascular risk factors among Latinos: Select behavioral and social determinants of health
Cell culture studies of xanthopterin and isoxanthopterin
Cellulose filter papers for measurement of persistent organic pollutants in marine mammal whole blood
Characteristics Of Latino Customers And Reported Influence Of Point-Of-Purchase Promotional Techniques For Fruits And Vegetables