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User-customizable genome wide association study tool and “blind spots” in common sequencing platforms for M. tuberculosis
Use of springs in analysis of the groundwater system at Mount Laguna, San Diego County, California
Use of seismic refraction to determine the influence of microclimatic zones on the depth of weathering across the La Posta pluton
Use of a redox-responsive 4 H-Bond Ureidopyrimidone (UPy) array to control polymerization in a UPy-based supramolecular polymer
Use of Fluorescent Molecular Clock for Monitoring Biogenesis and Mitophagy
Usability testing of iPhone
Usability testing of android applications
Uranium geology of the granitic rocks east of Round Mountain, Nevada
Upper Permian (?) and Lower Triassic stratigraphy near El Marmol, Baja California, Mexico
Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene storm deposits in Baja California, Mexico
Upper Cretaceous deep-sea fan and related lithofacies, San Diego, California: Distribution and implication
Upper Cretaceous biostratigraphy of a portion of northwestern Baja California, Mexico
Upper Cambrian paleobiology and depositional environments of the lower Nopah Formation, California and Nevada
Up, down, over, under: Toddlers' ability to extract a familiar path from a multi-path event
Unsupervised learning of toothed whale echolocation clicks
United States relationship with Central America and its asylum seekers
United States K-12 education data analysis and forecast
Unitary Signal Constellations Based on Irreducible Finite Reflection Groups
Underwater Probes