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Developing data-driven methods to investigate complex flows in Bose-Einstein condensates
"How has the security landscape changed in the last ten years with the rise of social media influencers"
Learning to detect odontocete whistles from generative samples
Analysis of machine learning upscaling algorithms for wireless packet loss
A kinematic study of gas in the disk-halo interface using NaI and CaII absorption
A study of inclusions in the Las Blancas pluton, San Diego County, California
Disturbance-induced trophic niche shift in ground beetles in restored tallgrass prairies
Age and origin of gold mineralization in the southern portion of the Julian Mining District, Southern California
Vortex generation at the wake of an impurity in a quantum superfluid
Geologic setting of precious metals mineralization, King of Arizona District, Kofa Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona
The neurocognitive effects of changing hazardous drinking behaviors in adolescents and young adults
Type I error analysis under multivariate distribution
Altered functional connectivity and disinhibition in individuals with metabolic syndrome
The effects of mesograzer biodiversity and seagrass structural complexity on eelgrass ecosystem function
United States K-12 education data analysis and forecast
Odor discrimination in young adults and older adults
Correlation of formations in the Kettleman City oil field and vicinity, San Joaquin Valley, California
Studies on bis protic N-heterocylic carbene pincer complexes and on water oxidation catalysts
Capillary electrophoresis for blood doping analysis: modification of the electroosmotic flow for the separation and detection of blood doping agents in human whole blood
Mathematical Practices and Arts Integration in an Activity-Based Projective Geometry Course