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Annexation and growth in the desert
Improving decision making during wildland fire events
Resettlement Experience of Refugees from Burma/Myanmar to San Diego, CA
Gender and education in the life work of Henrietta Szold
Reconstructing female identity in The Death of the Heart, The Invisible Worm, and The Gathering
The Invention of the Transjordanian-Syrian Border: 1915-1932
Professional Rite of Passage and Psychometrics: Career Satisfaction and Personality Indicators
Terra Australis incognita: A geocritical analysis of Australian gothic literature
Gaming feminism: An analysis of feminist discourses in the video game blogosphere
The quilting of a frontier border city: Identity development and expression in the early San Diego borderlands, 1848-1868
Aquinas, Walzer, and Pattison: The potential for PMCs in humanitarian intervention and just war theory
Re-Weaving A Decolonized South In Contemporary Cherokee Women'S Poetry
Analysis of economic welfare of Americans and the presidential honeymoon period: A pooled time series analysis
Ethos Building in the Digital Realm: A Practical Guide to Digital Portfolios
La América de Valle-Inclán como producto del pseudo-occidentalismo en Sonata de estío y anti-occidentalismo en Tirano Banderas
A method of segmenting topical Twitter hashtags
Cicero's Role in the Fall of the Roman Republic
Reconstruction of San Diego Identities and Attitudes Through 19th and 20th Century Gravestone Symbols
From Obedient Housewife to Androgynous Equal: Shifting Gender Paradigms in 1790-1860 British Literature